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About Us

We are Alex and Vaughn and together we make up Gaze Create!We've been attending anime conventions for over ten years and have been participating in artist alleys for three!Vaughn is the artist and his favorite things to draw are character portraits, angels, and furbies. He also draws inspiration from other things he enjoys, such as anime, video games, retro toys, mythology, theology, cute animals, D&D, and anything wonderfully weird.He also really enjoy the process of creating things and we are proud to say that most of the products we sell are made in house! These include all stickers, prints, buttons, bookmarks, notebooks, novels, sticker sheets, earrings, pencil cases, and some acrylic pins. Vaughn really like to get his hands dirty and loves trying out new processes for creating things.Alex is both an author and an English and Creative Writing teacher. You can find his works on AO3 under Kaerralind, or if you're lucky, pick up one of his hand-bound books at a convention.He also manages most of the business side of things and keeps Vaughn from going too far off the rails.When we're not drawing, writing, or attending conventions, we pass time playing and running D&D games both at home, and the local High School D&D Club.

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